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YAHOO GROUP - A place to leave questions, join in discussions, and stay connected to SlaveMaster and His family and others of common interest and similar mind. This is the easiest way to initially find the group. Our intention is form a community of like-minded, serious about their role in life, but indifferent to who they are egotistically. Many of us have met personally at events, and we want to continue these valuable connections we have made. The genuine are so rare.

INDEPENDENT DISCUSSION OF THE EGO AND WHERE IT COMES FROM - This is one of the best descriptions of the purpose, source, and challenge of getting rid of and past the influence of the ego.

PATH OF THE OBEDIENT HEART - Our other site, the professions, events and community the BORN slaves serve and empower. Listings of events for all and any who are looking for the experiences of their life, for the growth of their life, and the search for happiness. Links to other sites where spiritual empowerment through experience is possible.

GAYSCAPE, THE GAY LINKS SITE - One of the most complete list of gay sites that I've discovered. It could replace your own personal list of favorite sites.

BUTCHMANNS - Offered primarily at the hosting locations in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Master Bert, co-founder of APEX, Master Z and SlaveMaster co-instruct. This is where men and women come to explore the spirit of SM. A place not only of support and freedom and safety to explore, like no other, but also where you are challenged to be who you are. Men and women get answers here about self-actualization that they didn't even know were questions.

THE LEATHER JOURNAL - Home in Los Angeles. Both the on-line record and listing of future Leather events around the country and around the world. Creator and perpetuator of the Pantheon of Leather in New Orleans.

ZUNI MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY - One of the Radical Faerie sanctuaries located across the United States. These sanctuaries are intentional communities, each different from the other but all sharing a commitment to individual differences and hospitality. This one is in new Mexico where the BORN slave family has visited. (SEE REVIEW & PICTURES) We have also spent time at the Short Mountain Sanctuary in Tennessee.



We are constantly seeking mutually linked sites like the ones above that are always described from our point of view, and then listed here with our recommendation.

Sites which have to do with slaves, slave forums, Master/slave families, Leather, SM, Spirituality, and other subjects related to what you have seen at this site are desired.

Please contact us through the COMMUNITIES page, or send your contact information to:

Thank you.